Stories from Penang

It's been a few days since i been contacting my sister via sms to give a pep of what what's happening back there in my hometown. Yesterday, i've been served with some watery news regarding flooding of several places in the northern region. Worry tickled me, and few moments ago, i checked local news via the online newspaper. Not to my surprise, but rather worrying, The Star,shown here that northern region are somewhat in deep waters. Pictures of heavy wave hitting ravagely at small boats, mud-covered car, man, what news from back home? Really regret not topping up my credit earlier yesterday. If not, by now, i should have been contacting my families. Here, in Malacca, its raining still, on and off in these recent days. It's not so alarming. Semoga keluargaku dalam keadaan selamat, jauhkanlah mereka dari malapetaka dan bencana.Amin.

Aside from flooding alerts, one other incident happened in Bukit Mertajam. A mimick of Doc Joe Fernandez' Assassination,this time the victim's a chinese tauke. Same MO: drive-by on a bike, shot fired at the traffic lights stop.Motives are,possibly loan sharks,business rivalries.Little by little, our beloved countries are shocked by this darevil,sinister act of unlawful citizens. Problems cannot be cater with negos anymore these days,eh?Made a mistake, next thing you know, you'll be treated with shots/slashes/stabs. Lucky, you'll live and tell the tale. Not lucky, you'll ended up somewhere, cold and lifeless. Mak always replied whenever she watched,or heard, this kind of news by saying "Ish,oghang la ni, taktau la apa yang depa makan. Sebab tu la sikit2, tembak,salah sikit, takek". Well, maybe there's truth in her muttering. We are what we eat. Muslims are thought to be cautious with where and how their foods came (halal or haram). This incident, together with others happening nationwide, a disturbing alarm that should wake our conscience that we cannot take things for granted,whatever what we are doing. People nowadays are not so forgiving, and they tend to get rather creative with how they retaliate - Hollywood style. If you are afraid of being shot at while in the car, here's a tip. Bare in mind though, that Death can never be halted by any means possible.

7 o clock in the morning and i'm still having no signs of sleepiness to tickle me. I've been a nocturnal being for weeks now. Sleep time means somewhere in the late morning. I'm getting hungry, and a plate of nasi lemak,coupled with a cuppa guarana cappucino sounds good.


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kidd said...

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kidd said...

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sHa said...

ske sgt tulis omputih.

makne nye umah kidd tak banjir kan?

hope everything is fine.

callister said...

oh orang penang yer kamu..
mak aku orang penang gak..kat Juru.

hopefully,keluarga ko slamat kat sana..