This will mark the end of somewhat short life span of AkuTaip at BS.
For those who still craving for an update, a blog to waste your time or just click-happy,I will move my blogging delta to here.

Thank you for your time. Godspeed.

Stories from Penang

It's been a few days since i been contacting my sister via sms to give a pep of what what's happening back there in my hometown. Yesterday, i've been served with some watery news regarding flooding of several places in the northern region. Worry tickled me, and few moments ago, i checked local news via the online newspaper. Not to my surprise, but rather worrying, The Star,shown here that northern region are somewhat in deep waters. Pictures of heavy wave hitting ravagely at small boats, mud-covered car, man, what news from back home? Really regret not topping up my credit earlier yesterday. If not, by now, i should have been contacting my families. Here, in Malacca, its raining still, on and off in these recent days. It's not so alarming. Semoga keluargaku dalam keadaan selamat, jauhkanlah mereka dari malapetaka dan bencana.Amin.

Aside from flooding alerts, one other incident happened in Bukit Mertajam. A mimick of Doc Joe Fernandez' Assassination,this time the victim's a chinese tauke. Same MO: drive-by on a bike, shot fired at the traffic lights stop.Motives are,possibly loan sharks,business rivalries.Little by little, our beloved countries are shocked by this darevil,sinister act of unlawful citizens. Problems cannot be cater with negos anymore these days,eh?Made a mistake, next thing you know, you'll be treated with shots/slashes/stabs. Lucky, you'll live and tell the tale. Not lucky, you'll ended up somewhere, cold and lifeless. Mak always replied whenever she watched,or heard, this kind of news by saying "Ish,oghang la ni, taktau la apa yang depa makan. Sebab tu la sikit2, tembak,salah sikit, takek". Well, maybe there's truth in her muttering. We are what we eat. Muslims are thought to be cautious with where and how their foods came (halal or haram). This incident, together with others happening nationwide, a disturbing alarm that should wake our conscience that we cannot take things for granted,whatever what we are doing. People nowadays are not so forgiving, and they tend to get rather creative with how they retaliate - Hollywood style. If you are afraid of being shot at while in the car, here's a tip. Bare in mind though, that Death can never be halted by any means possible.

7 o clock in the morning and i'm still having no signs of sleepiness to tickle me. I've been a nocturnal being for weeks now. Sleep time means somewhere in the late morning. I'm getting hungry, and a plate of nasi lemak,coupled with a cuppa guarana cappucino sounds good.


Surf's Up,Bagus!

Aku tak akan melekat pada prinsip entri mesti dalam B.Inggeris saja, atau kena Melayukan saja. Ini untuk aku belajar lagi kedua-dua bahasa.Tak suka?Tak sukalah, buat apa aku nak paksa kau suka.

Pada mula, aku punya andaian mengenai Surf's Up: sama saja macam longgokan filem animasi Barat. Tapi, yang satu ini, berkelainan,ya, LAIN. Amat lain kerana menampilkan teknik mockumentary: dibuat seperti sebuah dokumentari amatur, dengan petugas bertemubual, gaya rakaman amatur (kamera bergoyang2). Kejanggalan indah ini yang buat aku ulang tengok berkali². Keindahan janggal nukilan bergeliga Ash Brannon dan Chris Buck, yang juga berperanan jadi balaci temuramah.

Alkisah seekor penguin peluncur ombak muda dari Shiverpool, Cody Maverick yang berimpian janggal;nak meluncur ombak tatkala penguin² jantan lain sibuk asingkan ikan² dan mengeram telur. Semuanya salah seekor penguin peluncur handal, Big Z yang singgah sebentar ke Shiverpool,lalu memberinya kalung kulit tiram berterakan "Z".Dari Shiverpool, cerita meluncur ke Pengu Island, di mana dalam 80% cerita berkisar.

Biasalah. animasi selalunya sasarannya kanak², maka alur cerita tak lah sakit kepala nak difahami. Tapi kejanggalan teknik animasi cerita ini buat aku yang suka berangan lepas menonton, terganda 3.4 kali anganan. Amatlah memuaskan.

Apa yang menangkap perasaan rapuh aku bila tengok animasi ini adalah beberapa watak. Abang Cody: seorang pessimist. Macam aku. Suka melihat pada yang tak elok saja. Kakak aku memang anti dengan perangai aku sebegini, sebab aku selalu buat trademark pessimist aku bila bercakap dengan dia. Aku dan kakak ku...cukup! Big Z:Pun sepertiku, seorang pemutus asa, seorang yang berat jubur (sedikit kurang sopan untuk menggambarkan malas), tapi, tak macam Big Z, aku masih belum berubah. Sebab tu lah, aku masih bertenggek kat depan monitor komputer rakan, bukan komputer sendiri. Masih lagi merungut, tak cukup duit, tak cukup makan. Dan masih lagi seorang 'budak' dari segi mentaliti aku. Aku rasa aku masih belum matang. Seorang kanak-kanak 25 tahun yang tak reti.

Muzik:Memang menangkap. Soundtrack & original music score. Dalam proses menyiapkan entri ini, baru aku faham apa beza di antara kedua². Kalau tak menaip entri ni, maka tak ketahuan lah aku sampai bila aku tidak tahu hahaha. Tapi aku nak tebalkan pernyataan pada original music score, yang mana dari dulu aku lebih suka dengar berbanding soundtrack. Kenapa?Awat?Why? Muzika tanpa vokal aku suka kerana lebih mesra jiwa rapuh. Aku suka dengar muzik sebelum tidur, dan inilah late supper untuk telinga aku. Soundtrack pon boleh tahan, ada "Incubus - Drive", You Get What You Give - New Radical. Dan, tak cukup rasa lah kalau bikin cerita surf tanpa 'lagu negaraku' untuk surfers : "Wipe Out - Big Nose". Dulu aku tak tahu siapa punya angkara, sekarang aku sudah tahu. Terima kasih, entri.Terima kasih diri sendiri, tepuk belakang sendiri tanda sokong.

Tirai penutup: Carilah filem animasi ini. Cara sah atau tak sah, tak kisah.


Aku berkenalan dengan Incubus masa aku di Tingkatan 5. Rilisan Make Yourself.

Entri ini mengorbankan beberapa jasad beracun, dua gelas air kosong serta dua trip ke toilet.


I bumped into this wonderful word, in one random netseeing. It was a part of the weird,yet catchy band name;Godspeed You Black Emperor. Being utterly ignorant, I thought is was a black metal band from scandinavia. A few clicks later, jauh panggang dari api. It plays a soothing, sleep-inducing tunes that i love most:post-rock/instrumental. Try it.It'll work wonders, at least for me that is.

Godspeed, as posted in Wiki, is a
wish for a prosperous journey, success, and good fortune. but since my family were never an english speaking family,I've never used it.heh.

Anberlin made a tune with the above mentioned as the title.the song?ok lah. i don't dig emo tunes actually. never did.

I'm not as creative as a few bunch out there who tend to create catchy phrases to end their blog entries of comments of post. godspeed will do just fine,secukup rasa dah tu.

It's 2:12 in the morn.Belarus and England will pit against each other and i'm looking forward forward to,perhaps another moments of magic from Capello's Crew.I'm not an avid fan. Les Bleus was my love, but Domenech failed yet again, holding his job yet again. Gloomy was the taste of air for the French and its school of supporters. Ah, the glory night of 2000 final. I remember,sitting on a chair, on top of the dining table in our dining hall,with France supporter in front, and a legion of Italian fan army breathing down our necks. Lare sport on tricolor of france with Buncho poster color in his face, and the usual replica kit bought at his hometown.And we have the last cheer after Trezeguet wondergoal.
Long gone, the days.

Let this tune whistle goodnight charm down your earlubes.


My Dreams Of Late

Dreams come of various shapes, plots and repetition. As for my dreamland experience, i somehow been getting a quite similar repetition of dreams. Not the exact storyline, but concepts, crews, venue and once in a while,plot. Forgive me for telling these in a film-like manner, but i do believe that dreams are one shape of a film.

My dreams of late mainly took place where i spent my five teenage years schooling;mckk. Most of the dreams came in the shape of me, plus some recognizable friends of mine, in school. Several plots were mainly about me who have to repeat another one year in school. Can you imagine, a 25 years old bloke, in a all white school uniform?If the short-pants wearing days were still there, i bet it will be worse (thank god). I figured it out, actually, that it may be something to do with me having extra semester here in university. And, there's this funny thing that happened in my dream:i'm always in the receiving hands of bullies. There's a crop of my friends back in school where i did not blend quite fine, and these are the bully boys responsible for the teasings and taunts. Its not bodily harmed, but its quite disturbing. But these boys, i tell you, grown up to be fine men now. And, my close friends were never involve in any parts of the dreams, karma maybe?

Well, its maybe because of me having so few visits back to the alma mater. In fact, i've been there only once, and that took place when the centennial celebrations held. Even my SPM cert still tucked somewhere in the school admin office. Somehow, visiting my alma mater and rekindling old memories not keen enough for me. Partly because of lack of memorable moments of me in school. Im not the achievers of big names back then. Just a simple boy, who, enjoys doing his thing without alerting the teachers. Well, boys, they do have a handful of mischievous doings.

Well, there's quite enough for the telling. It's not good to be dwelling into dreams, and forget how to live your days. Leave the dreams in your bedroom. It gives no benefit of bringing it with you for the rest of the day.

Hitunglah mimpi, yang membunuh realiti, dari syuga ilusi - Usman Awang


Some Flick Talk

I've been neglecting some urges to produce an entry lately. Its mainly because i have so little to tell. I'm not an avid reader, don't go out much (money plays,man!)...well, it seems my blog lost its purposes for telling stories. I'm not a critical person, not one who thinks out loud, but sometimes i whispers my thoughts.

I do enjoy flicks. Most of them came from the boundless realm callled the Internet.Blame me for supporting non-paying method of obtaining my flicks, but i do look forward to pay for it, in the near or far future,hehe. And, let me tell you something about my flick-watching experience...

Flicks and Food: A Sound Mix

Having food while enjoying the flicks roll is kind of a hobby. For times when i have eat alone, sitting for yourself in a kedai makan made me picturising an image of me munching boringly while eye-wondering for hot chicks with body statements, or something to laugh or to critic,well, not out loud anyway. Plus, you tend to not notice the lack of flavour so much. That really helped me finished what i ate, because lack of taste somewhere in it will probably kill selera makan. But, be fair cautioned: watching comedy flicks with your mouth full will result in outburst of food to your monitor, or tercekik due to unintentional swallowing.

The Same Flick, All Over Again

For some reason, i do have the habit of rerolling flicks that i love, coutless of times. Numerous rants falled on me, like "Tak boring ke, lahanat?", or "Balik² LOTR, dah la panjang!"Opps, now you know my all time favourite. Its mind soothing for me, actually, reliving the plot, the moments, the scene. And let me tell you, LOTR will not bore me, for the time being (well, i skipped some Hobbits chat scenes anyway :P)

Cinema Experience On Occasion

I don't despise cinema experience totally. But sometimes, some selfish people who thinks their ticket is a license to annoy, kills my sweet, innocent intentions. Tengok kat rumah, boleh pause, hehehe. And, there's a sudden increase of lovebirds trading love thoughts out loud in the cinema. Kiamat sudah dekat,kiamat sudah dekat.

And i would like to comment on our local filming scenes. First, i'm sick of stale ideas of KLCC-shot scenes. Takdak landmark lain ke kat KL,wei? I do understand the need to promote our so called ' the pride of nation', but let me tell you:there's more unnoticed places, landmarks out there in KL,of which i see, hold more cinematic taste compared to the stale shots of KLCC from afar, shots taken from below,focussing top. Secondly, there's a noticable lack of good music score. Music helps amplify the image, chanelling the feeling of the actors and actresses. Why don't the filmmakers dwells deep into our local indie music market, support them. There's a few good post-rock bands whose tracks make a good instrumental score. Well, i do dream about Damn Dirty Apes made their way into motion picture soundtracks. And that idea will not cost much, better from signing up those glittering big names. Two thumbs up for Khabir Bathia & crew for making a splendid Sepi & Cinta. Good music score, good scene shots,a rare experience in our local filming scenario. Not forgetting Yasmin Ahmad with Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin (these three, i have watched). Yasmin's workpiece does indeed brighten up the gloomy.

Good Speed You Filmmakers

hey: Amir Muhammad's Susuk is one i've wanting to watch. Until i get my hand on that,(sigh).

hey,hey:My English is a laughing stock. I bet a Form 5 would write better,hahaha.

Aku sudah punya workstation sendiri sekarang!

Telah sekian lama merempatkan diri di pc rakan² untuk kerja² layaran, kini aku dah ada workstation sendiri. Terima kasih Kechik kerana hadiah ini (hadiah pinjam saja!). Pc dia yg tersadai tanpa nyawa aku hidupkan hasil inisiatif sendiri...semuanya DIY, bukan susah tera mana pun. Youtube saja, banyak video² untuk anda DIY pc anda,tapi risiko letak kat kepala sendiri la kan.

Kebelakangan ni aku terleka sekejap dengan Supernatural. Kejar balik siri TV ni yg dulu aku ikuti,sekarang sudah musim 4. Baru mula dengan musim 3,jadi talian internet rumahku akan didera dengan hirupan² dari Torrent atau Rapidshare. Supernatural mungkin mengarut bagi seseorang, tapi bagi aku agak unik kerana cara mereka menghantar syaitan² kembali ke neraka dengan gaya unik: tiada latar belakang agama kuat bak paderi. Typical, sebab Barat sudah enak dengan mentaliti duniawi & agama yang perlu diasing, tak sedap berjalan sekali. Tapi aku bukan obses dengan mentaliti ini ya.

Rasa muzik aku kali ini pekat sedikit :melodic death metal. Dulu aku jatuh hati pada In Flames, namun kecenderungan mereka ke arah bawaan muzik yang jauh lari ke arah keduitan mengundang rasa marah pencinta muzik berimejkan gelap dan ganas. Selling out lah, istilah yang paling dihina di dalam bulatan komuniti underground. Dan aku kecewa juga, walau aku bukan ekstremis muzik gelap ini, cuma seorang yang mahukan keluasan arena muzik dalam jiwa. Maka aku lebih mencari mereka² yang gagah dan cantik beraksi dengan muzik mereka, yang kurang dikenali sangat di sini. Pencarian aku terhenti sekejap pada Insomnium. Pengetahuan aku kurang sangat tentang mereka sekarang ini. Proses tertumpu pada pelengkapan discography dulu. Dari rilisan mereka, Demo - 1999, sudah buat aku suka.

Insomnium.Demo '99

01 Dying Chant
02 Vicious Circle Complete
03 Unmourned
04 Numen Divinum

Jika aliran ini santapan harian anda, sila, jangan malu jangan segan, cuba dengar. Dan, buang segala mentaliti hitam yang beri gambaran muzik seperti ini bawaan Syaitan. Cuma sekelumit saja ekstremis yang suka berkawan dengan syaitan dan merajakan syaitan.