Some Flick Talk

I've been neglecting some urges to produce an entry lately. Its mainly because i have so little to tell. I'm not an avid reader, don't go out much (money plays,man!)...well, it seems my blog lost its purposes for telling stories. I'm not a critical person, not one who thinks out loud, but sometimes i whispers my thoughts.

I do enjoy flicks. Most of them came from the boundless realm callled the Internet.Blame me for supporting non-paying method of obtaining my flicks, but i do look forward to pay for it, in the near or far future,hehe. And, let me tell you something about my flick-watching experience...

Flicks and Food: A Sound Mix

Having food while enjoying the flicks roll is kind of a hobby. For times when i have eat alone, sitting for yourself in a kedai makan made me picturising an image of me munching boringly while eye-wondering for hot chicks with body statements, or something to laugh or to critic,well, not out loud anyway. Plus, you tend to not notice the lack of flavour so much. That really helped me finished what i ate, because lack of taste somewhere in it will probably kill selera makan. But, be fair cautioned: watching comedy flicks with your mouth full will result in outburst of food to your monitor, or tercekik due to unintentional swallowing.

The Same Flick, All Over Again

For some reason, i do have the habit of rerolling flicks that i love, coutless of times. Numerous rants falled on me, like "Tak boring ke, lahanat?", or "Balik² LOTR, dah la panjang!"Opps, now you know my all time favourite. Its mind soothing for me, actually, reliving the plot, the moments, the scene. And let me tell you, LOTR will not bore me, for the time being (well, i skipped some Hobbits chat scenes anyway :P)

Cinema Experience On Occasion

I don't despise cinema experience totally. But sometimes, some selfish people who thinks their ticket is a license to annoy, kills my sweet, innocent intentions. Tengok kat rumah, boleh pause, hehehe. And, there's a sudden increase of lovebirds trading love thoughts out loud in the cinema. Kiamat sudah dekat,kiamat sudah dekat.

And i would like to comment on our local filming scenes. First, i'm sick of stale ideas of KLCC-shot scenes. Takdak landmark lain ke kat KL,wei? I do understand the need to promote our so called ' the pride of nation', but let me tell you:there's more unnoticed places, landmarks out there in KL,of which i see, hold more cinematic taste compared to the stale shots of KLCC from afar, shots taken from below,focussing top. Secondly, there's a noticable lack of good music score. Music helps amplify the image, chanelling the feeling of the actors and actresses. Why don't the filmmakers dwells deep into our local indie music market, support them. There's a few good post-rock bands whose tracks make a good instrumental score. Well, i do dream about Damn Dirty Apes made their way into motion picture soundtracks. And that idea will not cost much, better from signing up those glittering big names. Two thumbs up for Khabir Bathia & crew for making a splendid Sepi & Cinta. Good music score, good scene shots,a rare experience in our local filming scenario. Not forgetting Yasmin Ahmad with Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin (these three, i have watched). Yasmin's workpiece does indeed brighten up the gloomy.

Good Speed You Filmmakers

hey: Amir Muhammad's Susuk is one i've wanting to watch. Until i get my hand on that,(sigh).

hey,hey:My English is a laughing stock. I bet a Form 5 would write better,hahaha.

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