My Dreams Of Late

Dreams come of various shapes, plots and repetition. As for my dreamland experience, i somehow been getting a quite similar repetition of dreams. Not the exact storyline, but concepts, crews, venue and once in a while,plot. Forgive me for telling these in a film-like manner, but i do believe that dreams are one shape of a film.

My dreams of late mainly took place where i spent my five teenage years schooling;mckk. Most of the dreams came in the shape of me, plus some recognizable friends of mine, in school. Several plots were mainly about me who have to repeat another one year in school. Can you imagine, a 25 years old bloke, in a all white school uniform?If the short-pants wearing days were still there, i bet it will be worse (thank god). I figured it out, actually, that it may be something to do with me having extra semester here in university. And, there's this funny thing that happened in my dream:i'm always in the receiving hands of bullies. There's a crop of my friends back in school where i did not blend quite fine, and these are the bully boys responsible for the teasings and taunts. Its not bodily harmed, but its quite disturbing. But these boys, i tell you, grown up to be fine men now. And, my close friends were never involve in any parts of the dreams, karma maybe?

Well, its maybe because of me having so few visits back to the alma mater. In fact, i've been there only once, and that took place when the centennial celebrations held. Even my SPM cert still tucked somewhere in the school admin office. Somehow, visiting my alma mater and rekindling old memories not keen enough for me. Partly because of lack of memorable moments of me in school. Im not the achievers of big names back then. Just a simple boy, who, enjoys doing his thing without alerting the teachers. Well, boys, they do have a handful of mischievous doings.

Well, there's quite enough for the telling. It's not good to be dwelling into dreams, and forget how to live your days. Leave the dreams in your bedroom. It gives no benefit of bringing it with you for the rest of the day.

Hitunglah mimpi, yang membunuh realiti, dari syuga ilusi - Usman Awang


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