I bumped into this wonderful word, in one random netseeing. It was a part of the weird,yet catchy band name;Godspeed You Black Emperor. Being utterly ignorant, I thought is was a black metal band from scandinavia. A few clicks later, jauh panggang dari api. It plays a soothing, sleep-inducing tunes that i love most:post-rock/instrumental. Try it.It'll work wonders, at least for me that is.

Godspeed, as posted in Wiki, is a
wish for a prosperous journey, success, and good fortune. but since my family were never an english speaking family,I've never used it.heh.

Anberlin made a tune with the above mentioned as the title.the song?ok lah. i don't dig emo tunes actually. never did.

I'm not as creative as a few bunch out there who tend to create catchy phrases to end their blog entries of comments of post. godspeed will do just fine,secukup rasa dah tu.

It's 2:12 in the morn.Belarus and England will pit against each other and i'm looking forward forward to,perhaps another moments of magic from Capello's Crew.I'm not an avid fan. Les Bleus was my love, but Domenech failed yet again, holding his job yet again. Gloomy was the taste of air for the French and its school of supporters. Ah, the glory night of 2000 final. I remember,sitting on a chair, on top of the dining table in our dining hall,with France supporter in front, and a legion of Italian fan army breathing down our necks. Lare sport on tricolor of france with Buncho poster color in his face, and the usual replica kit bought at his hometown.And we have the last cheer after Trezeguet wondergoal.
Long gone, the days.

Let this tune whistle goodnight charm down your earlubes.


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